So, What’s it Like to Present at BlogJam?

This guest post was prepared by last year’s amazing presenter Amy Leon of the blog Crazy Mama Runs


Presenting at the first BlogJam Atlantic was both exhilarating and nerve wracking experience for me! The thing that did appeal to me though was the fact that it was the very first BlogJam Atlantic and that I would not be alone as a first time presenter. Being able to watch experienced presenters and bloggers gave me some confidence leading up to my presentation.

For me, the most interesting aspect of the event was the ability to come and go from each session without getting the “death glare” from those around you. Being able to move freely is great, especially for someone attending their first blogging conference (and for someone who may not necessarily be able to sit still!).

There are many things I learned and took away from the event. I think the biggest thing for me was that I learned to just be real. Those that love your content will keep coming back because you are being YOU. There is no need to create an unrealistic persona to bring in readership.

My overall experience at BlogJam Atlantic was wonderful! I was able to connect with so many local bloggers face to face and meet some wonderful new bloggers as well! I left with working knowledge and connections. A must attend event for sure!


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Why Should You Attend BlogJam 2016?

BlogJam is a new blogging conference that was put on for first the first time in Halifax, NS in 2015. I absolutely love going to blogging conferences for many reasons, including the fact that I learn something incredible helpful to my business at every one. It’s wonderful to finally have one close to home, so that more people from the Maritimes can learn how to improve their social media and blogging skills. As one of the organizers of East Coast Mom Media, I believe strongly in educating people and brands here in the Maritimes about social media, blogging and how we can better support each other online. BlogJam is an excellent resource for bloggers, brands, small business owners, freelance writers, government agencies and public relations firms to come together and learn more from each other about the online world.

East Coast Moms in 2015


Blogging conferences bring people together, from online communities to meet face to face, sometimes for the first time. Blogging conferences are a wonderful place for people to try out a new skill such as networking or public speaking, because it’s a friendly, supportive, environment. At BlogJam 2015, I learned that I need a lot more experience speaking in public, but that it’s possible and I might even enjoy it!

There are many other reasons why you should attend a blogging conference including:

  • Meet your online friends in real life.
  • Learn new blogging and writing skills.
  • Learn technical tips for your website and social media platform management.
  • Learn how to make revenue from your blog through affiliate marketing, advertising
  • or sponsored posts.
  • Learn how to work with brands and make pitches.
  • Network with other bloggers, public relations companies and brands. This is your
  • opportunity to pitch, find out what they have planned and give away your business
  • cards!

I hope to see you all at BlogJam 2016. Please come up to me and say hello!

Laura (
BlogJam Volunteer


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Bloggers Wanted


That’s right! We want you!

That’s us, the BlogJam committee; hanging out last year at Global Halifax. Back when we were begging for change to help get our first year off the ground.

We managed to make it work with the amazing support of our local business community. Thank you once again to all that helped make BlogJam 2015 a very worthy event.

2016 planning is well under way. We have support from National, East Coast Mom Media, Kia, Gio, Junkery, and PC Wizard; just to name a few.

We also have some amazing speakers already lined up but we want more. We often hear bloggers say the same thing, “What would I speak about?” Well, we want to hear your story. Our venue this year is Pier 21; a place where many stories first took shape for new Canadians. We believe this is the perfect place for you to tell us your tale about becoming the blogger you are today.

Bloggers Wanted Don’t be shy, our committee is here to help you with your presentation should you need it. Even if you are not sure what your talk might look like at the moment sign up and let us know you are interested.

Registration is also open for those that would like to come out and join in all the fun. Our one day conference is a great way to meet and learn from other bloggers. Last year we brought our community together and it became stronger. BlogJam Atlantic is an excellent way to connect with a network of like minded individuals. It also gets us out of our writing caves.

R.H. Downs

Program Operations Lead


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