Sponsor Highlight: eSourceEvent.com

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As the team started planning and putting together partners and sponsorships for our 2016 event, we really wanted to focus on companies that matched our commitment to community while providing a partnership that made a lot of professional sense. We found that in spades with eSourceEvent.com.

With over 50 years in event management, eSourceEvent are able to pull together all the various registration components that any conference or event could require. That’s why BlogJam trusted eSourceEvent with our registration. Their web-based platform not only provides a paperless, eco-friendly registration solution but reduces administration costs and greatly improves productivity and efficiency.




Whether your team is organizing a Gala Dinner, Trade Show, Fundraiser, Conference or AGM the eSourceEvent team works closely with you to provide whatever aspects of registration you might require, ranging from data collection to payment solutions, interactive floor plans, customizable registration pages and more. In addition, as a 100% Canadian company, eSourceEvent is committed to providing services in both official langauges.

For over 10 years, eSourceEvent has been providing organizers with the peace of mind of knowing that their event is in the hands of absolute professionals.

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Sponsor Highlight: National Public Relations



When an internationally recognized firm like NATIONAL is interested in supporting your event, you know you’re doing something right.NATIONAL is an industry leader in the sort of bold thinking that has helped some of the most renowned companies in the country. We could not be more pleased that NATIONAL has chosen to not only support our event but also become intimately involved through a panel they will be offering.

Over 35 years of experience in public relations means that NATIONAL has seen the birth and development of an entire industry. Lending their expertise to our conference is an incredible opportunity for both us and our attendees and as if it weren’t enough, they’re bringing treats! Just when your Halloween stash runs out, you can count on NATIONAL who will be supplying the conference with a Candy Bar Break.




The values that NATIONAL espouses; quality, innovation, commitment, respect, collaboration, integrity and responsibility are the same values that we hope our attendees will glean from our event.

In addition to the much-anticipated Candy Bar, NATIONAL is also sponsoring the afternoon panel, More Than Words: Taking Your Content to the Next Level.

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