2016 Session Description: Self

Dawn and Bahia

We are not bloggers. We have no technical training in writing, illustrating, graphic design, book publishing or even public speaking.

What we had was an idea. An idea that blossomed into our first heartfelt creation Self. So how did Self develop?

With authenticity, compassion, desire, life force energy, love and unconditional support.

Allow us to take you on our journey. We will share how two uniquely distinct women, on completely different life journeys, found a deep connection with each other. Through this connection, an infinite potential of creativity blossomed. Individually, we bravely stepped “out of the box”, and made our own standards. Together, we have paved our own unique way of manifesting an idea into reality, just by being ourselves, fearlessly!

Presenter Bios:

Dawn grew up in Jeddore and now resides in Lake Echo with her family. Always a true artist at heart, she taught for 10 years before making the brave leap to follow her passion and start her own business as a professional decorator. This shift in direction was the turning point in Dawn’s journey to reconnecting with her true authentic self.

Bahia was born and raised in Halifax. Following the advice of her late father, she studied engineering, but secretly her heart always leaned towards wanting to help others. As a “people-pleaser,” she diligently strived at being the best mom, daughter, wife, friend and employee; until one day she hit rock bottom. Her life teetered on the brink and from here she began her healing journey. She found her way “home” to her true authentic self through self-love, care and compassion.

Dawn and Bahia debuted and showcased Self at Word on The Street Halifax Festival, September 17th, 2016. They were featured presenters, and BlogJam marks their second official presentation…and they have only just begun!


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Gio Hosts BlogJam

Downtown Halifax has more than its share of fabulous places to dine. Our coastal city by the sea offers up many great opportunities for dining, take-out and of course, buying fresh. Because of these amazing offerings, foodies are everywhere. Blog Jam knows this, which is why for the second year in a row we are presenting a food bloggers panel. This year we are excited to announce that Gio will host our fabulous foodies. Our Blog Jam 2016 Food Panel line-up, sponsored by Gio, are…



Jen OrganJen Organ is the Community Food Programmer with the Our Food Project of the Ecology Action Centre. She delivers garden and food skills initiatives with organizations in Halifax and is a contributor for the Adventures in Local Food blog – your source for food news in Nova Scotia, from pickles to policy. Jen’s interest in food primarily stems from emotional and cultural connections between food and place and how this takes shape in the local food movement. Learn more about the Our Food Project at https://www.ecologyaction.ca/ourfood. Follow on Twitter @ourfoodproject.




CristinaAn avid lover of all things East Coast and delicious, Cristina blogs at I Say Nomato, a site dedicated to exploring and inventing nightshade-free food. Raised in Nova Scotia, she’s lived all over the world, including the Caribbean, New York and Louisiana. Her recipes range from traditional Bluenoser fare to Northern Italian family recipes to decadent cakes, with a focus on cooking from scratch with local, in-season ingredients. When she’s not experimenting in the kitchen, she can be found curled up with a good book or planning her next adventure.




michelle-doucetteMichelle Doucette is a portrait and lifestyle photographer and the creator of East Coast Food Stories, an online collection of visual and written stories that celebrate the way food connects us to our surroundings and each other. Inspired by the seaside lifestyle and the memories we make while gathered at the table, Michelle documents food culture in celebration of the traditions and innovations of people who are passionate about food. Michelle will be sharing her stories about how her experiences traveling and photographing food have come together to create her personal passion project. Participants can look forward to being creatively inspired with visual storytelling.

Blog Jam will be bringing these amazing bloggers together around one table to share their food stories with you. Thank you once again to Gio for making this possible. If you have never been please head on over to my personal blog to check out my review.

R.H. Downs




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2016 Session Description: More Than Words: Taking Your Content to the Next Level

Terra Tailleur, (University of King’s College), (Steph McGrath, NATIONAL Public Relations), (Tara Wickwire, NATIONAL Public Relations), (Dave Culligan Video Blogger)

Video. Live video. Gifs. Boomerangs. Audio clips. Instagram Stories. Snapchat. There’s a lot going on! Join us for a conversation about how to take content to the next level by integrating different formats and channels into your stories. We’ll talk about how to plan ahead and collect and create content to distribute in different ways across multiple platforms.

Presenter Bios:

terra-photoTerra Tailleur – Journalism Professor, University of King’s College, Online News and Multimedia specialist

Terra Tailleur is a journalism enabler. She’s an Assistant Professor at the University of King’s College, where she teaches students the wonders of digital journalism. She also advises and mentors communicators at large. She worked in print, broadcast and online over her 20-year career in news. She worked for CBC.ca in Halifax for 10 of those years, holding every role within the web and digital world, from researcher and writer, to multimedia producer and social media curator. She believes in collaboration and experimenting with new ways to produce and package stories.


screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-8-52-29-pmSteph McGrath – Director of Content Strategy, NATIONAL Public Relations

Stephanie has experience building and managing content believers across large, national networks.

Her online odyssey began in 1999 after graduating from the University of King’s College with a Bachelor of Journalism, Honours. That’s when she was tasked with interviewing pop stars and evaluating Britney Spears concerts for Canoe.ca in Toronto. The job opened doors to the dynamic world of digital content and led her to television newsrooms (CityTV), global editorial teams at AOL and MSN and into a life and career creating digital content and strategizing new ways to organize and measure its success at T4G Kick and now, NATIONAL Public Relations.

More importantly, she’s passionate about building talent from within and inspiring her colleagues, direct reports and clients to become the content stars she knows they can be.


tara-wickwireTara Wickwire – Director, NATIONAL Public Relations

With more than 18 years of global branding experience, Tara has a deep understanding of the strategic approach required when developing the key narratives to engage with external audiences and ultimately meet business objectives.

She has led PR Strategy for Gap Inc. brands in Canada and most recently, has worked on programs for McDonald’s, Ford of Canada, Labatt, and Halifax Shopping Centre.

With experience in all parts of the country and a comprehensive appreciation of market nuances, Tara has applied her expertise to create PR tools and programs that drive coverage and return in the new media environment.  She has developed valuable relationships with top tier media over the course of her career, and has built a reputation as a trend and consumer expert, appearing on programs such as Global Morning, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television and e-Talk.


dave-culliganDave Culligan – Video Blogger and Digital Strategist

A vlogging sensation and former varsity athlete at Saint Mary’s University, Dave is passionate about the potential of new media and the democratization of filmmaking, through new technologies. He is currently involved in two startups, and provides a wide range of services on a freelance basis, from consulting to video production. He is currently working on his “365” project, in which he creates a 1-minute video each day, and posts it on Instagram and Facebook. Through this project, Dave aims to showcase the amazing places, people, and businesses that exist in Nova Scotia, and to inspire others to see challenges as opportunities.

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