Bloggers Wanted


That’s right! We want you!

That’s us, the BlogJam committee; hanging out last year at Global Halifax. Back when we were begging for change to help get our first year off the ground.

We managed to make it work with the amazing support of our local business community. Thank you once again to all that helped make BlogJam 2015 a very worthy event.

2016 planning is well under way. We have support from National, East Coast Mom Media, Kia, Gio, Junkery, and PC Wizard; just to name a few.

We also have some amazing speakers already lined up but we want more. We often hear bloggers say the same thing, “What would I speak about?” Well, we want to hear your story. Our venue this year is Pier 21; a place where many stories first took shape for new Canadians. We believe this is the perfect place for you to tell us your tale about becoming the blogger you are today.

Bloggers Wanted Don’t be shy, our committee is here to help you with your presentation should you need it. Even if you are not sure what your talk might look like at the moment sign up and let us know you are interested.

Registration is also open for those that would like to come out and join in all the fun. Our one day conference is a great way to meet and learn from other bloggers. Last year we brought our community together and it became stronger. BlogJam Atlantic is an excellent way to connect with a network of like minded individuals. It also gets us out of our writing caves.

R.H. Downs

Program Operations Lead


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Registration is OPEN

The wait is over, blogger friends! BlogJam is happy to tell you that you can now register for BlogJam 2016, taking place November 6th, 2016, at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


All Welcome

BlogJam is for all levels of bloggers, blog enthusiasts, blog readers, blog partners, and even those who are considering one day starting a blog!

Click here to register today. 

Early Bird Registration

Register now for for the Early Bird rate of $40.00 PLUS an entry into our great Early Bird draw.

Presenters Wanted

We are still open for submissions to present. (Presenters receive complimentary registration.) If you are on the fence or have questions about your proposal, feel free to drop us a line before submitting.

Happy Blogging!




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4 Tricks To Get The Most Out of Your Writing

Sometimes you’ve got something that you want to write down but you just can’t seem to get it out. Sometimes it’s hard to focus and get your blog game on. But there are always things that you can do to step up. So let’s dig in.

Write At The Right Time

clockEveryone has a different time that they’re super productive. Some people are morning people. I call those people sociopaths. Some people are night owls. Those are my people. But the idea is that you really shouldn’t force it. Write when you feel like writing. If you’re really a writer, you will absolutely find your groove, if you just let it happen.

So how do you figure out the best time to write? Well, you need to try writing at different times. Set aside a few blocks at different times and give it a try. If you’re really dragging along or can’t seem to focus, then that’s not a good time for you. Keep trying until you find that sweet spot. The idea of a 9-5 workday is not only entirely arbitrary, but it doesn’t work so unless you’re farming, don’t use a system that really only works for agricultural work.

Tune In or Tune Out

radioSome people work really well with music, the TV on the in background or the subtle hum of a good coffee shop. Others require absolute silence and have to retreat to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude to get anything done. Some people want to be one when they’re really the other. Figure out who you really are and stick with it.

Some people say things like, “I’m really good at multitasking” when they should really turn off Netflix and get to work. Some people say they need complete silence when they could really stand to listen to some disco and shake their moneymaker. Try things out. Mix things up. Figure out what makes you tick.

Dance With The One That Brought Ya

danceI’m able to write very quickly and very efficiently. Once I’ve figured out what I’m going to write about, I can basically hammer out 1000 words in an hour or less. Now, part of that is that I’m a pretty fast writer and I’ve figure out how to type very quickly with just a few fingers. But the bigger part is that I know what I’m talking about.

You’ll never see me blog about infosec or coding or fashion because I don’t know anything about those things. It takes a lot of research to get comfortable with a topic. Obviously that’s a different story when I’m writing on behalf of clients, but when I’m writing for my own blogs, why would I put myself through that. There’s nothing wrong with learning new things. That’s great. But you need to write as the professional, as the expert. No one is going to believe I know anything Jamberry nails unless I do a whole lot of research. So I don’t. Instead I blog about the things I’m really great at.

Use Your Indoor Voice…Or Outdoor Voice…Whatever

voiceI think one of the things that really slows people down is when they try to figure out the tone or the voice of their work. I have people ask me how to establish their voice. It’s very simple. Say what you want to say. Now right that down. “Isn’t that oversimplifying things, Mike?” Nope. I don’t have a writing voice and a speaking voice. I have a voice. I use the same words and the same cadence. I stress the same words. And when you see me capitalize a word, that’s because THAT is exactly how I would say it.

In the beginning, it might even be worth your while to physically dictate what you want to write. Using a dictation app means you’re never going to fudge a word and go with a word just because you think it sounds good if it doesn’t come naturally to you. If you wouldn’t say a word, don’t write a word. Just be you.

Blogging, and writing in general, is about taking all the things that are in your head and sharing them. Sometimes it feels easy and sometimes it feels very hard. But in the end, you just need to take the words and ideas out of your head and put them on paper. Don’t make it more complicated than that. Find the time that you’re most excited about writing, establish a mood and atmosphere that is the best for your writing and then write about what you know, using your own voice.

Now go write something.


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