2016 Session Description: How to Achieve Your #Goals

Kayla Short (shortpresents.com)

Close your eyes and think about something you REALLY want. Maybe you want to quit your job, a sexy beach body, a significant other who doesn’t hog the sheets at night, maybe it’s to learn how to dance, or it could be to learn how to cook. And then ask yourself why you’re not doing it? Chances are you could be living the life you’ve always wanted but it either seems too daunting or you feel like you just don’t have the time. I’m here to tell you that you everything you’ve ever wanted is within reach. Speaking as someone who’s come from a small town to being listed among the Top 50 Canadians in 2016 I’m here to tell you my tricks and tips to ensure your success. Big or small I’ll hash out some steps to help you set sail on those wild dreams of yours.

5 Word Description:

How to achieve their #goals

Presenter Bio:

kayla-shortKayla Short is the Halifax-based author behind the award winning lifestyle blog, Shortpresents.com, where she writes full time about food, fashion, beauty, and travel. Kayla’s work has appeared in national publications from Flare to Fashion Canada, as well as many other independent magazines, newspapers, and websites. Kayla was also recently chosen as one of Huffington Post’s Top 50 Canadians among the Prime Minster, Chris Hadfield, Drake, and many extremely accomplished and inspiring Canadians.  You might have also seen Kayla on CTV, Pop Culture TV, or CBC offering up her advice as she’s a frequently called upon lifestyle expert.

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