2016 Session Description: How to be Creative with your Blog

Dee Wilkie (DeeWilkie.com)

Dee Wilkie is a trained Surface Designer and budding Creative Director in the industry.  In 2015 she started her first Fashion/Art blog “The Art Project” and has since rebranded and launched her new website and blog Deewilkie.com.  Dee approaches fashion with a hands on approach.  Literally.  Dee hand dyes and prints silk and collaborates with other professionals in the fashion industry to create stunning images as well as tackle the real life issues of starting your own fashion brand.  She is here today to talk to you about how to take your blog to new creative levels and how to network, advertise, and promote your blog in unconventional ways.

5 Word Description:

Creativity, motivation, passion, enthusiasm, and collaboration.

Presenter Bio:


Dee Wilkie is a Surface Designer/Creative Director.  “What is a Surface Designer” you ask?  A Surface Designer is the person who creates motives, designs, and patterns that go onto virtually ANY product including stationary, wall paper, shower curtains, and Dee’s personal favourite, FABRIC.  Dee works with leading professionals in the fashion industry including photographers, designers, and models to create high fashion and commercial imagery which she shares on her blog and social media pages.

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