2016 Session Description: Heroic Brand Storytelling on Your Blog

Tina Capalbo (liftcommunication.com)

You’re a blogger! You want to be a blogger? Do you want to be a heroic brand storyteller?

Whether your blog is about first-time parenting and exploding diapers, fashion fads, trends in technology, two-person travel adventures gone sideways, food or fitness focused, you can make everyday experiences and struggles captivating. Find out what makes a story heroic. Get new insight into the science of storytelling. Start thinking differently about your own blogging and how you can use a storytelling strategy.

5 Word Description:

The Art & Science of Storytelling

Presenter Bio:

tina-liftcommsTina is a social media strategist focused on digital storytelling.

Last year, when Social Media Examiner launched their Social Media Marketing Society worldwide, Tina joined. She dove in to help steer her clients through the turbulent social media rapids and navigate the ever-changing tides of digital marketing. Tina uses her Master of Arts degree to think in waterlogged metaphors like that and to help businesses develop their storytelling.

As a business blogger, Tina writes about developing trends in social media (like video marketing!) and she’s passionate about helping businesses develop strategies in their social media and digital marketing.

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