2016 Session Description: Self

Dawn and Bahia

We are not bloggers. We have no technical training in writing, illustrating, graphic design, book publishing or even public speaking.

What we had was an idea. An idea that blossomed into our first heartfelt creation Self. So how did Self develop?

With authenticity, compassion, desire, life force energy, love and unconditional support.

Allow us to take you on our journey. We will share how two uniquely distinct women, on completely different life journeys, found a deep connection with each other. Through this connection, an infinite potential of creativity blossomed. Individually, we bravely stepped “out of the box”, and made our own standards. Together, we have paved our own unique way of manifesting an idea into reality, just by being ourselves, fearlessly!

Presenter Bios:

Dawn grew up in Jeddore and now resides in Lake Echo with her family. Always a true artist at heart, she taught for 10 years before making the brave leap to follow her passion and start her own business as a professional decorator. This shift in direction was the turning point in Dawn’s journey to reconnecting with her true authentic self.

Bahia was born and raised in Halifax. Following the advice of her late father, she studied engineering, but secretly her heart always leaned towards wanting to help others. As a “people-pleaser,” she diligently strived at being the best mom, daughter, wife, friend and employee; until one day she hit rock bottom. Her life teetered on the brink and from here she began her healing journey. She found her way “home” to her true authentic self through self-love, care and compassion.

Dawn and Bahia debuted and showcased Self at Word on The Street Halifax Festival, September 17th, 2016. They were featured presenters, and BlogJam marks their second official presentation…and they have only just begun!


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  1. Love the book,, or guys did an awesome job I hope you have great success with you new endeavor. Good luck ladies hope to see more from you.

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