2016 Session Description: Why You Should Vlog…It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think!

Dan Murray (yourrestorationcoach.com)

Besides the ‘Why’ we will show you some easy steps so you can start today! Is video going away anytime soon? Of course not! Video Blogs will help you reach a broader audience for the valuable content you share. Video is also a fantastic relationship building tool unlike any other. People get to know, like and trust you as your personality and knowledge is shared via video. Doing video blogs has never been easier and we will help you get started…today.

5 Word Description:

Discover the Why and How to start Video Blogging this week!

Presenter Bio:

dan-murrayDan Murray runs a Business Coaching and Training company that primarily works with Service Contractors. Dan lives in Dartmouth and has worked with hundreds of business owners throughout North America. For the past several years, Dan has been averaging 2 Video Blogs a month. This has lead to many guest blogging invitations (both video and text) that has resulted in free marketing worth ten’s of thousand of dollars. Dan shares content on business tips and idea’s for his niche market, along with topics focused on Leadership, company culture and Team building. For the last 7 years Dan has coached and trained speciality contractors to clarify and achieve their goals, build real value in their business, while helping many business owners get ready to transition their business to new owners.

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