But I Don’t Blog! 5 Reasons BlogJam is Still for You

By now you might have heard the buzz around this year’s BlogJam 2016 line up and what a great event it’s shaping up to be. You might be wondering, “Should I go even if I don’t blog?”

The answer to that question is a resounding “YES!” and here are some great reasons why:

You’re a Local Business

Bloggers are Influencers! If you want to show off your fantastic product or business, then tap into the extensive network of influencers located right here in Atlantic Canada. Bloggers will work with you to showcase what you have to offer and provide detailed descriptions and reviews to be consumed by their readers and followers.

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Business blogs are also a fantastic resource for your consumers. Being able to provide behind-the-scenes or supplementary content to your website can add another appealing dimension to your business.

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You’re Community Minded

One of the biggest benefits of BlogJam is that it facilitates face-to-face connections for a community otherwise taking place completely online. It’s exciting to hear and meet the writers that are providing content about our local cities and communities – and it always leads to friendships and partnerships that grow both virtually and in reality.

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You’re a Budding Entrepreneur

Making connections is a great strategy for building your reputation in the business world. At BlogJam the audience of Bloggers, Influencers, and Local Businesses can help you build your network and offer real opportunities for growth within your industry by way of introductions, inspiring knowledge sharing, and productive conversations.

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You’re a Lifelong Learner

Maybe you don’t blog now but have an interest in doing so in the near future…so what are you waiting for? BlogJam will have topics to inspire your writing, teach you how to design your site, and BONUS there will be a Happiness Bar and WordPress representatives on-site to answer your questions about getting started.

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BlogJam is for Everyone

Most importantly, BlogJam is FUN! If you’re looking for an event where you can meet new people, learn from experts, hear from an amazing keynote speaker (Erica Ehm of the Yummy Mummy Club), and enjoy a day in an incredible, historical space, then BlogJam is for you.

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Join us on November 6th at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Ticket price includes lunch.

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(credit: Julie Brocklehurst @TulipTales)

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