2016 Session Description: How Blogging Supports the Growth of your Business

Mary Jane Copps (thephonelady.com)

What is the true value of writing a regular blog for your business? Why should a blog become a priority when there are so many other things that need to get done?

Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady, started her business blog in August 2009 as an experiment. A former journalist, the idea of a weekly “column” held appeal but … would there be a return on the investment of time and energy?

The result can only be described as abundance. The blog has not only generated revenue, but firmly established Mary Jane as an expert in her field (which has drawn amazing media attention) and created tremendous loyalty from her followers. It has also opened up surprising opportunities for collaboration and growth.

While it is definitely a big commitment to create a weekly post, its value exceeds the effort it requires … and it can for your business too! Come to this session to learn the how and why of creating a business blog.

5 Word Description:

Specific Business Blogging Strategies

Presenter Bio:

mjc-photo-by-rebecca-clarke-for-blogjamMary Jane embraced her alter ego – The Phone Lady – in 2006 and has worked with over 10,000 individuals improving their phone communication skills.

She’s been profiled as a communications expert by the Wall Street Journal, National Post, The Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, Global and in a very silly skit on This Hour Has 22 Minutes! She is the author of The Phone Book: Essential Telephone Communication Skills, and has been writing a weekly blog since 2009.

She recently received the national 2016 BDC Mentorship Award through Futurpreneur Canada for her work with young entrepreneurs, helping them grow their businesses.

2016 Session Description: What The Hell Am I Going To Write About?

Mike Tanner (oneredcat.com)

How do you turn a desire to share your story into regular, cohesive content?

For a great number of writers, one of the issues is how to generate and produce quality content. In this hands-on session, we’ll work through how to generate ideas, how to save and compile those ideas and how to see them through to completion. We’ll talk about blog anatomy and how you can turn your life experiences into a successful story.

5 Word Description:

Real Help In Developing Content Ideas.

Presenter Bio:

mike-tannerMike Tanner @OneRedCatMedia runs a small digital agency in Halifax that specializes in helping small-medium sized businesses find their place online through web, content and social media.

For the past five years, Mike has been writing on behalf of various companies and industries, as well as for himself, on topics ranging from all-season tires to swimming pool maintenance to video games you can control with your mind.

Mike is passionate about productivity and is focused on helping people balance busy lives (he’s also a full time stay at home father of two) with the desire for personal and professional success.


2016 Session Description: Heartwords: Blogging to Inspire and Connect

Jessie Harrold (nalumana.com)

In this workshop, I will be exploring authenticity and vulnerability in blogging. I will help participants explore their voice, learn their own “blogging boundaries,” and understand how blogging can both inspire and connect our readers. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with these topics both in relation to personal blogging as well as blogging for their businesses and freelancing.

5 Word Description:

Voice and vulnerability in blogging.

Presenter Bio:

jessie-harroldJessie Harrold is a coach, doula, and writer.  She started her writing career as a food blogger nearly five years ago, and her love of writing in the online world has grown ever since.  Jessie now owns Nalumana Women’s Wellness, where she works with women who are going through transformational life experiences.  She uses blogging as her primary method of communicating to the community of women that surround her business:  she sees it as a method of connecting, inspiring, teaching and exploring.  Jessie has had writing published in a variety of online and print media, including the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Explore Magazine and Inspired Coach Magazine.

2016 Session Description: Balancing Your Blog

Heather Clarke (LaptopstoLullabies.com)

In an industry that’s crawling with sponsored posts and reviews, genuine posts sometimes seem few and far between. How can you monetize your blog and enjoy the perks of influencer campaigns while still creating heartfelt content that resonates with your readers? It’s all about balance.

5 Word Description:

Examples of blogging successes, failures.

Presenter Bio:

heather-clarkeHeather Laura Clarke is an award-winning journalist, columnist and blogger who grew up in Halifax and moved out to the country a few years back to channel her inner Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her writing appears across North America in newspapers, magazines, and websites like BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post. She’s been blogging since 2009 on LaptopsToLullabies.com about her chaotic life as a work-at-home mom with too many granola bars in her purse.

2016 Session Description: How to Design your Blog

Sarah Hart (SarahHart.ca)

In this session Sarah will be teaching:

  • The one mistake you’re making when designing your blog that’s costing you hours & hours
  • How to design your blog so it reflects your personality & feels like your cosy home online.
  • How to create an emotional connection online with your dream clients so they become raving fans within seconds!
  • Plus Branding resources & tools for blog design

5 Word Description:

Learning to design their blog!

Presenter Bio:


2016 Session Description: How to Achieve Your #Goals

Kayla Short (shortpresents.com)

Close your eyes and think about something you REALLY want. Maybe you want to quit your job, a sexy beach body, a significant other who doesn’t hog the sheets at night, maybe it’s to learn how to dance, or it could be to learn how to cook. And then ask yourself why you’re not doing it? Chances are you could be living the life you’ve always wanted but it either seems too daunting or you feel like you just don’t have the time. I’m here to tell you that you everything you’ve ever wanted is within reach. Speaking as someone who’s come from a small town to being listed among the Top 50 Canadians in 2016 I’m here to tell you my tricks and tips to ensure your success. Big or small I’ll hash out some steps to help you set sail on those wild dreams of yours.

5 Word Description:

How to achieve their #goals

Presenter Bio:

kayla-shortKayla Short is the Halifax-based author behind the award winning lifestyle blog, Shortpresents.com, where she writes full time about food, fashion, beauty, and travel. Kayla’s work has appeared in national publications from Flare to Fashion Canada, as well as many other independent magazines, newspapers, and websites. Kayla was also recently chosen as one of Huffington Post’s Top 50 Canadians among the Prime Minster, Chris Hadfield, Drake, and many extremely accomplished and inspiring Canadians.  You might have also seen Kayla on CTV, Pop Culture TV, or CBC offering up her advice as she’s a frequently called upon lifestyle expert.

2016 Session Description: Heroic Brand Storytelling on Your Blog

Tina Capalbo (liftcommunication.com)

You’re a blogger! You want to be a blogger? Do you want to be a heroic brand storyteller?

Whether your blog is about first-time parenting and exploding diapers, fashion fads, trends in technology, two-person travel adventures gone sideways, food or fitness focused, you can make everyday experiences and struggles captivating. Find out what makes a story heroic. Get new insight into the science of storytelling. Start thinking differently about your own blogging and how you can use a storytelling strategy.

5 Word Description:

The Art & Science of Storytelling

Presenter Bio:

tina-liftcommsTina is a social media strategist focused on digital storytelling.

Last year, when Social Media Examiner launched their Social Media Marketing Society worldwide, Tina joined. She dove in to help steer her clients through the turbulent social media rapids and navigate the ever-changing tides of digital marketing. Tina uses her Master of Arts degree to think in waterlogged metaphors like that and to help businesses develop their storytelling.

As a business blogger, Tina writes about developing trends in social media (like video marketing!) and she’s passionate about helping businesses develop strategies in their social media and digital marketing.

2016 Session Description: Why You Should Vlog…It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think!

Dan Murray (yourrestorationcoach.com)

Besides the ‘Why’ we will show you some easy steps so you can start today! Is video going away anytime soon? Of course not! Video Blogs will help you reach a broader audience for the valuable content you share. Video is also a fantastic relationship building tool unlike any other. People get to know, like and trust you as your personality and knowledge is shared via video. Doing video blogs has never been easier and we will help you get started…today.

5 Word Description:

Discover the Why and How to start Video Blogging this week!

Presenter Bio:

dan-murrayDan Murray runs a Business Coaching and Training company that primarily works with Service Contractors. Dan lives in Dartmouth and has worked with hundreds of business owners throughout North America. For the past several years, Dan has been averaging 2 Video Blogs a month. This has lead to many guest blogging invitations (both video and text) that has resulted in free marketing worth ten’s of thousand of dollars. Dan shares content on business tips and idea’s for his niche market, along with topics focused on Leadership, company culture and Team building. For the last 7 years Dan has coached and trained speciality contractors to clarify and achieve their goals, build real value in their business, while helping many business owners get ready to transition their business to new owners.

2016 Session Description: Engage your Audience Now: Purposeful Content Design for Bloggers

Alison Knott (eraserheader.com)

Let’s talk about design in a different way: is the purpose of your blog clear to those who visit it? How does their experience differ when they visit on a small phone verses a laptop? Is it clear how you want people to engage with your content, or do you assume they know what to do?

In this presentation, designer Alison Knott will help you evaluate your blog’s purpose from a design and usability perspective. If you have trouble getting readers to engage with your content, or want to be more objective with the look of your blog, this talk is for you!

5 Word Description:

Hyperactive web design crashcourse!

Presenter Bio:

alisonknott_square_large_2As a web designer, Alison Knott (eraserheader.com) wants to dispel the myth that design is about looking good. It’s about effective communication that works and looks great!

Alison’s career as a print designer turned web geek has seen her give presentations in an unusual blend of creativity, marketing, and web. She runs the WordPress Halifax Meetup (meetup.com/WordPress-Halifax) and most recently has spoken at WordCamp Ottawa and WordCamp Montreal to spread the word of good design.

2016 Session Description: How To Take Your Content From 0 To 100 Real Quick

Ross Simmonds (RossSimmonds.com)

In this talk of highlight a combination of the tactics I used over the years to reach millions of people through blogging and content distribution tactics that are often overlooked. From seeding content into the right communities to the tools that will help you find a plethora of different topics and subjects to write about – this session will arm you with everything you need to create sticky content.

5 Word Description:

Actionable takeaways for any skillset.

Presenter Bio:

ross-header1Ross Simmonds is a digital marketing strategist & entrepreneur who has worked with everything from startups to Fortune 500 brands. He’s also the co-founder of Crate, a content curation tool and Hustle & Grind an online store for entrepreneurs. He’s been blogging about marketing for more than 5 years and got his started blogging when he was 18 with a blog all about Fantasy Football. He’s contributed to blogs such as Social Media Examiner, Elite Daily, Forbes, Venture Beat, Inbound.org and much more. He’s passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and all things tech.

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